Terms of Reference: Mid-Term Project Evaluation

Posted: 15 September 2021
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30 September 2021 Monitoring & Evaluation Somaliland Full Time SOYDAVO
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  1. Background

SOYDAVO is a national NGO based in Somaliland with various offices across the country.

Over the past 14 years, SOYDAVO’s work has mainly worked improving the role of women and youth CSOs in the decision-making and political space in Somaliland. We also focused on supporting and empowering IDPs, refugees, returnees, drought-affected communities and vulnerable and marginalized communities in Somaliland through the provision of tailored-made entrepreneurship trainings, creation of sustainable income generative sources, small business management and TVET skills training that all aimed to improve the living conditions of the most affected communities in Somaliland.

In 2020, SOYDAVO started the implementation of Expanding Civic Space, Empowering Youth and Women to Contribute to the Governance and Development processes in Somaliland which is a consortium project known as ‘Dan-Guud Consortium’ which is funded by the European Union. The project is led by SOYDAVO with three other co-applicants namely, YOVENCO, SONSAF and Media INK. The project is also supporting number of youth-led organizations such as MASAF. The project effectively kicked off in January 2020 and will end in December 2022.

The purpose of this call for consultancy is to evaluate the impacts made by the project over the past 1 and half years. The following table provides summary of the project’s overall objectives and results.

Project Title Expanding Civic Space, Empowering Youth and Women to Contribute to the Governance and Development Processes in Somaliland
Objectives of the project and brief description Over all Objectives

To improve the role of the women and youth CSOs in the decision-making and political life in Somaliland.

Specific objective(s)

SO 1: Improved association and joint voicing by the youth and women CSOs

SO 2: Improved transparency of the draft policies and feedback by the civil society. 

SO 3: Improved campaigning and participation of the CSOs, Youth and Women in the elections and democratic processes. 


Beneficiaries Women, Youth, CSOs
Project Results/Output R1. Improved capacity mobilisation and consolidation of youth and women CSOs in Somaliland.

R2. Youth and women are empowered to influence public policy and decision-making at national, local and community levels.

R3. Improved awareness and capacity of the civil society to participate in the elections and democratisation processes. 

Location of the project The project targets the six major regions (Awdal, Maroodijeeh, Togdheer, Sool, Sanaag and Sahil) of Somaliland and specifically the following districts Burao District, Hargeisa District, Borama District, Erigavo District, Berbera District, Las’Anod District.


The aim of this consultancy is to carry out the mid-term evaluation of project on Expanding Civic Space, Empowering Youth and Women to contribute to the Governance and Development Processes in Somaliland

The evaluation includes an analysis of the impacts, effectiveness, sustainability, relevance and efficiency of the project. It evaluates the project strategies and activities, and the grade of achievement of the project results, purpose and goal and the impacts generated by the project (expected and/or unexpected) in the project’s target. It includes clearly defined lessons learnt from the project and recommendations that can be used for the remaining project period.

The evaluation reflects the situation in the middle of 2021 to the situation in the beginning of project in 2020 as described in the project baseline and other follow-up material produced by SOYDAVO in its annual project reports (and other documentation, when available).


The consultant is responsible for:

  1. Preparing an inception report, which includes the specific work plan, and data collection tools based on analysis done on desk review of documents.
  2. collecting and analysing the relevant data on the project’s direct beneficiary groups in Somaliland, using:
    • the annual and bi-annual reports of the project prepared by SOYDAVO;
    • monitoring data collected to the annual reports of the project prepared by SOYDAVO;
    • other relevant project reports prepared by SOYDAVO;
    • stories/testimonies collected from the beneficiaries by the consultant during the field trip, in order to complement the data prepared by SOYDAVO; and
    • additional data, collected by the consultant in order to complement the data provided in the data prepared by SOYDAVO;
  3. collecting and analysing relevant views from the key stakeholders in Somaliland as enlisted below;
  4. producing a draft consultancy report on the basis of the data collected and analyses carried out in Somaliland;
  5. incorporating the comments and corrections of the EU and SOYDAVO to the draft report produced on the basis of the data collected and analyses carried out in Somaliland as agreed in the work plan;
  6. submitting the final report produced on the basis of the data collected and analyses carried out in Somaliland as agreed in the work plan; and
  7. Submitting the final consultancy report to SOYDAVO as agreed in the work plan.

All the data collection carried out within this consultancy should be based on participatory methods (such as one-to-one interviews, focus groups, participatory mapping etc.). In addition, the consultant should collect and analyse a sample of stories/testimonies (using the most significant change methodology). All archived material related to the project should be reviewed (such as SOYDAVO manuals and project documentation (e.g. baseline, the project plans and logical frameworks generated during the project duration and relevant quarterly and annual reports, training reports etc.).

The stakeholders that should be consulted within this consultancy shall include at least:

    • SOYDAVO’s Staff members
    • SOYDAVO’s Board Members
    • Empowered political parties
    • Trained Youth
    • Promoted community led initiative ideas
    • A sample of untrained community members
    • Representatives of the corresponding Ministries: Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs, Representatives of the local Government Offices, Office of the Governors in the main regions
    • Relevant civil society organizations working on similar projects
    • Checking the added value of the project

The consultant shall submit an inception report (including the analysis done on the basis of the background material, the methodologies and data collection tools to be used and the detailed timetable for the fieldwork in Somaliland) for the consultancy to SOYDAVO no later than 6th October 2021 at 15.00hr.

The first draft of the reports of the consultancy should be sent for comments to SOYDAVO 20th October 2021.

The final consultancy report, which incorporates the EU and SOYDAVO comments and suggestions done to the draft report, should be submitted to SOYDAVO not later than 25th October 2021.

The estimated amount of working days required by the consultancy:

  • Desk review and preparation of questions and methodologies 3 days
  • Fieldwork: Project Target Area          8 days                                    
  • Finalization of the report 3 days

Total Number of Days                                                                14 days

  • University degree in sociology, community development, gender equality or another relevant field.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the use of participatory evaluation methodologies Excellent knowledge and understanding of skills development, culture and arts related projects;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Practical experience in the use of M&E tools, gender analysis and communication
  • Practical experience in the use of story/testimony collection and analyzing methodologies such as most significant change etc.
  • Practical experience in the use of participatory methodologies in project implementation
  • Practical experience in both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Experience in developing/analyzing communicational strategies for community-based development projects
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, knowledge of Somali is an asset.
  • Good understanding of the society, culture and behaviors of the Somali communities in both urban and rural settings

How to apply?

Interested consultants/firms shall submit the following documents to info@soydavo.org not later than 30th  September 2021 at 15:00hr.

  • A detailed technical and financial proposal explaining the suitability of the consultant/firm to undertake this consultancy;
  • Updated CVs of the lead consultant (s);
  • Sample of a report of any similar activity undertaken in the last three years;
  • The contact details of three references including one reference from the most recent work you have completed.