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SRCS Vacany Announcements (5 POSITIONS)-Badhan

Posted: 8 June 2019
Deadline Category Location Employment Experience Education Salary Employer
20 June 2019 Health Badhan, Sanaag Somalia Full Time SRCS
Application,Email or url :
Contact name :
About Company :


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Job Announcement

Based on SRCS perennial efforts to extend its network of branches to all the country side communities in all regions and districts of the country, we hereby announce the following job vacancies for an SRCS Badhan Sub-Branch, Sanaag Regional  Branch . Following are the job requirements and specifications for them:

  1. Health Officer
  2. OPD Nurse
  3. Midwife
  4. Drug Dispenser
  5. And Auxiliary Nurse.

Organizational unit:   Health Department

Reporting to: OPD Nurse, Midwife, and Drug Dispenser. And Aux Nurse reporting to Health Officer. Health Officer is reporting Branch Coordinator and Health Care Director

Duty Station:    Badhan  ( Sanag )

Posting Date  :02-june -2019

Posting Expiry Date: 15-june-2019

Contract Type            : fixed Term (June 2019– May 2020) possible extension depending on your performance and availability of funds

Health Officer:

Overall Job Purpose.

Provide technical support and leadership in the design, implementation and evaluation of an integrated community-based health care programme and budget at the Branch level aimed at providing quality healthcare to address the needs of vulnerable communities. Coordinate and supervise the operations of the out-patient and mobile outreach clinics to ensure delivery of high quality maternal and child health services, including immunization, nutrition, HIV/Ads, health and hygiene promotion and epidemic response. Review and monitor implementation of health programme activities and submit periodic update reports in line with health policy and donor requirements.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Technical Leadership & Programme Implementation

  • Conduct participatory needs assessment to identify community health needs and set priorities and develop a capacity strengthening plan to improve the health condition of vulnerable communities
  • Provide technical support and leadership in the design, implementation and evaluation of an integrated community-based health care programme at the Branch level per the approved budget and scope
  • Coordinate and supervise out-patient and mobile outreach clinics to ensure delivery of high quality maternal and child health services such as safe motherhood, immunization, nutrition and HIV/Aids
  • Coordinate the requisition and receipt of adequate drugs and medical supplies for distribution to outpatient and mobile clinics in order to ensure availability of medicines to avoid stock-outs
  • Implement effective community-based participatory approaches and methodologies and ensure that effective behaviour change strategies are employed to promote hygiene and sanitation initiatives .
Education Diploma/Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional practice in Public Health, Nursing/Midwifery with experience in maternal and


child health

Training Leadership and Management, Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation
Certifications Preferably a registered nurse
Competencies •         Demonstrate consistency in upholding integrity and ethics


•         Have team leader & mentoring & coaching skills

•         Excellent writing skills, analytical capacity

•          Effective communications and interpersonal skills

•         Proficiency in computer office packages word, excel, power point

•         Demonstrate conflict resolution skills and ability to manage inter­group dynamics and mediate conflicting interests


Languages Proficiency in Somali and English languages
Relevant Experience Requirement Minimum 3 years relevant experience in implementing an integrated health program consisting of maternal and child health, immunization, nutrition, HIV/Aids


Overall Job Purpose.

Conduct assessment of child health needs for children under 5 and provide quality and comprehensive nursing, treatment and follow-up of patients in designated out-patient clinics. Ensure delivery of high quality nursing interventions covering provision of antenatal services, postnatal care, immunization and reproductive health, nutrition, HIVAds, health and hygiene promotion and epidemic response in line with SRCS health policy guidelines and primary healthcare nursing standards

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Team Leadership & Programme Implementation

  • Diagnose common health conditions to identify child health needs for children under 5.
  • Deliver an immunization program to ensure all children under 5 are appropriately immunized.
  • Assess and monitor patterns of weight gain and growth in children under 5.
  • Provide health education to mothers on breastfeeding and hygiene promotion.
  • Recommend referral of severe complicated cases for specialized treatment.
Education Diploma in Nursing/Midwifery with experience in SAM protocol or equivalent qualifications
Training Leadership and Management
Certification Registered Nurse
Competencies •  Demonstrating consistency in upholding integrity and ethics


•  Keen observation and judgement

•  Professional and ethical values required  for safe, accountable and effective practice.

•  Gentleness, willingness to serve, keen observation and judgment, efficiency, skillfulness, responsibility and accountability.

•Demonstrate skills in general care, communication and collaboration, management, self-development, innovation and research, and stress-adjustment.

Languages Proficiency in Somali and English languages
Relevant Experience Minimum 2 years relevant experience in the screening and treatment of children diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition


Overall Job Purpose

Provide comprehensive advice, care and support to women and their babies during pregnancy, labour and early postnatal period. Conduct a clean, safe delivery and provide care to the newborn. Refer emergency cases to effectively prevent maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in compliance with SRCS health policy guidelines and established midwifery care standards and treatment protocols.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Team Leadership & Programme Implementation

  • Diagnose, examine monitor and assess care requirements for women during labour and prepare a care plan for childbirth including advice on hygiene and nutrition
  • Identify women with greater vulnerability and risks and refer them for specialized care provider
  • Provide information, emotional support and reassurance to women in labour and their partners
  • Monitor and administer medication, injections and intravenous infusions during labour
  • Provide support to women during labour and birth to ensure normal delivery of the new born
Education Diploma in Nursing/Midwifery with experience in maternal and child health or equivalent qualifications
Training Leadership and Management
Certification Registered Midwife
Competencies •         Behave in ways that reflect ethical standards of midwifery profession.


•         Emotional and mental strength

•         Ability to get on well with people from wide range of backgrounds

•         Be willing to take responsibility

•         Ability to act on own initiative during emergency and in life saving situations.

Languages Proficiency in Somali and English languages
Relevant Experience Minimum 2 years relevant experience working as midwife in a hospital or primary health care settings. Good understanding of the principles of managing labour and delivery

Drug Dispenser:

Overall Job Purpose

Oversee the daily operation of the pharmaceutical warehouse at the Branch level by processing requisitions, receiving and verifying drugs and medical supplies, maintaining accurate records and ensuring they are properly organized, shelved and securely stored. Coordinate the processing of requisitions to ensure availability of adequate supplies in a timely manner.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Programme Implementation

  • Ensure that drugs are received and stored appropriately in accordance with policy guidelines
  • Maintain efficient stock control with the objective of ensuring continuity of medical supplies
  • Routinely check and remove outdated and expired medications
  • Prepare and dispense drugs to patients according to the health policies and standards of drug management
  • Receive and verify prescriptions, and ensure drugs are properly labelled before dispensing to patients in compliance with relevant regulations and pharmacy policies
Education Diploma in Pharmacy Technology or equivalent qualifications
Training Pharmaceutical Inventory Control
Competencies ·         Effective communications and interpersonal skills


·         Demonstrate & ability to manage complexities

·         Be able to stay calm in stressful situations

·         Have a mature approach

·         Excellent writing skills, analytical capacity

Languages Proficiency in Somali and English languages
Relevant Experience Minimum 2 year’s relevant experience working in a pharmacy, including handling requisitions and dispensing medications.

 Auxiliary Nurse

Overall Job Purpose

Provide nursing support to qualified nursing/midwifery practitioners and are assigned to deliver a wide range of healthcare services to patients. May be required to assist in the registration of patients and assess their health condition by measuring weight and height, taking body temperature and blood pressure, collecting specimens for investigation, administering vaccines, dressing wounds, disinfection and sterilizing medical instruments, maintain records as well as general upkeep of the clinic

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Programme Implementation

  • Undertake all duties in line with the training and instruction provided by the Registered Nurse/Midwife
  • Assist in the registration of patients by accurately recording relevant information
  • Conduct weight and height measurements record body temperature and blood pressure as well as collecting specimens for investigation
  • Administer vaccines, dress wounds, disinfect and sterilize medical instruments
  • Carry out routine dressings in accordance with guidelines
Education Secondary School Certificate or equivalent qualifications
Training Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)
Certification NA
Competencies •    Demonstrating consistency in upholding integrity and ethics


•    Effective communications and interpersonal skills

•         Demonstrate openness to change & ability to manage complexities

•    Excellent writing skills and analytical capacity

•    Maturity &   in dealing with senior and high ranking officials

•    Respond positively to critical feedback and differing points of views

•         Proficiency in computer office packages word, excel, power point.

Languages Proficiency in Somali and English languages
Relevant Experience Minimum 1 year relevant experience gained during basic training as an Auxiliary Nurse covering maternal and child health

Who we are

The SRCS in Somaliland  is a non-profit organization part of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement based on the seven principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. Our aim is to support the society, particularly the most vulnerable.

We offer:

SRCS offers a contract of one year, renewable depending on both funding and performance. You must be available to start work as soon as possible and willing to work in (Badhan ) in Sanag region  .  with field trips to other regions.

Salary and conditions are according to SRCS terms of employment for national staff.

Application process:

If you are interested and think that your profile match with the requirements, you can apply sending your CV before 20rdJune 2019.We will contact only short list candidates .