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Posted: 1 August 2022
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
Posted: 1 August 2022
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

Liaison Officer for DRIVE Project – Ministry of Finance (Individual Consultant)

Posted: 1 August 2022
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15 August 2022 Contract & Consultant Mogadishu, Somalia Full Time Government Federal Government of Somalia (FGS)
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Country: Federal Government of Somalia (FGS)

Name of the Project: The De-Risking, Inclusion and Value Enhancement of pastoral economies in the Horn of Africa Project (DRIVE)

Assignment Title: Liaison Officer for DRIVE Project - Ministry of Finance (Individual Consultant)

Project ID: PP176517

Individual/Firm: Individual Selection

Deadline for submission of EOI: 15th August 2022

Ref No.: SO-MOF-305707-CS-INDV

  1. Background: The Republic of Somalia has received financing from the World Bank towards the cost of the De-Risking, Inclusion and Value Enhancement of pastoral economies in the Horn of Africa Project (DRIVE); and intends to apply part of the proceeds of the above project to finance the position of the Laison Officer Consultant (Individual Consultant) for MoF. The DRIVE Project is a $327.5 million project to cushion pastoralists in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia from the impacts of drought and better connect them to markets. DRIVE will strengthen support for pastoralists in the Horn of Africa (HOA) so that they have access to rapid cash when there is a drought, either through their savings or insurance payouts, allowing them to keep their core breeding stock alive. It will also incentivize pastoralists to save more in cash, rather than increasing the size of herds to protect themselves against future shocks. The project will support direct linkages of pastoralists to livestock processors through market contracts, so that they are able to sell livestock on a regular basis and will strengthen quality standards and livestock trade facilitation so that countries can move from the existing live animal value chain to a livestock product value chain. This project uses the existing country systems of the SCALE-UP PIU. Somalia will be supported by an IDA grant of US$ 70 million.
  2. Responsibilities: The DRIVE Liaison Officer at the Ministry of Finance will support the PIU in the overall implementation of the project to ensure that project activities are implemented in the most

efficient and effective manner. Specifically, the focal person will act as the main interlocutor for the DRIVE project and is thus expected to maintain an overview of on-going activities supported by the Project and ensure their effective delivery. All other specific tasks detailed in in the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment that can be found at the following website:

  1. Duration: The proposed duration for the assignment is twelve (12) calendar months from starts date.
  1. Selection Criteria: The selection shall be based on qualification, experience and skills of the candidate and followed by an interview. The qualifications, experience and competencies include:
  2. Maser degree in Economics, Political Science, Public policy, Business administration, Finance, Public Administration, or International Development.
  3. A minimum of at least 7 years of direct relevant experience including broad expertise in the coordination of projects in the public sector or private sector.
  • Good understanding of development projects.
  1. Knowledge of the productive sector in Somalia, particularly in the livestock value chain
  2. Project management experience is required.
  3. Excellent written and oral communication skills – including the capacity to communicate complex and technical issues in simple terms to diverse stakeholders.
  • Experience in working in multi stakeholder project, including liaising with government entities, civil society organizations, local communities, and private sector.
  • Experience in working with donors and international organizations.
  1. Experience in supporting capacity building and training is preferred.
  2. Ability to work well under pressure and to meet tight deadlines, demonstrating a high level of motivation, confidence, integrity, and responsibility.
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work both independently and effectively in a team/task force setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to listen and integrate ideas from diverse views, create partnerships and collaborate with others, advocate, and influence, resolve conflicts constructively, and work effectively across boundaries.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in English and Somali
  1. The Ministry of Ministry of Finance now invites eligible consulting (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the above-mentioned Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services and furnish the Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  2. Attention of interested Consultants is drawn to section III, para 3.14,3.16 & 3.17 of the World Bank’s

Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers: Procurement in Investment Projects Financing Goods, Works, Non -Consulting and Consulting Services dated in November 2020 (“Procurement Regulations”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

  1. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant method set out in the World Bank Procurement Regulations.

How to apply

  1. Interested Consultant may obtain further information (in person or by e-mail) at the address below during office hours from 8.00 a.m.– 4.00 p.m. Saturday to Thursday except on public holidays.
  2. Deadline for submission: Expressions of interest should be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by e-mail) by 15th August 2022 at 4.00 p.m. local Time.


Project Coordinator,

SCALED-UP Project,

Ministry of Finance

Federal Government of Somalia

Shangani District

Mogadishu, Somalia

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