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Liaison and Security Officer

Posted: 12 August 2019
Deadline Category Location Employment Experience Education Salary Employer
24 August 2019 Safety and Security Mogadishu, Somalia Full Time Handicap International) (HI)
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Vacancy Announcement

 Liaison and Security Officer

 Mogadishu, Banaadir Region


Location: Mogadishu Office

Duration of contract: 9months, with possible extension

Closing date: 24/08/2019


Created in 1982, Humanity & Inclusion (formerly known as Handicap International) (HI) is an independent and impartial international aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, our actions are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights. HI was the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for its role in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

HI started in Somalia in 1992 by setting up a rehabilitation center and supporting a local NGO, Disability Action Network, in building their capacity and take over the management of the rehabilitation center in Hargeisa, some years later. HI’s strategy in Somalia is to support local and international actors, access to services and advocacy for the rights of persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups such as older persons. HI engages with development and/or humanitarian actors through partnership, collaboration and capacity development to promote inclusion, access to and participation of persons with disabilities in basic and specific services as well as in decision making processes that affect their lives.

HI is currently implementing two humanitarian action projects in North West Somalia and Mogadishu on provision of psychosocial support and protection as well as on the inclusion of vulnerable populations in humanitarian response. HI implements directly and/or in collaboration with local and international partners.

For further information about the association:


Line Manager + 1:Program Director Ethiopia and Somalia

LineManager:Country Manager

Base: Mogadishu

Under the line management of the country manager, you will supportthe implementation of the project, the office setup and management in Mogadishu,and monitoring of security of HI staff and its operation. You will focus on establishing and maintaining the reliableliaison between HI teams and humanitarian actors, including authorities, local and international NGOs, and multilateral actors at national and Mogadishu level. You will be in charge to collect and analyse relevant, objective and quality information relevant for operations, risk and security management, relay information, and attend relevant security meetings. You will collaborateclosely with the project team as well as the logistics and administrative services.


External Representation & COORDINATION

In close collaboration with HI Country manager and team you ensure HI external positioningand good work relationshipat national and Mogadishu levelaligned with HI mandate and values, as well as national legislation and policies. Within this overall frameworkto support the effective implementation of HI projects and mandate you are expected to:

  • Represent HI’s action and mandatetowards relevant stakeholders,such as multilateral, national, localand international humanitarian and developmental actors, including governmental authorities, to facilitate the smooth implementation of HI’s programming;
  • Establish good and reliable communication channels and share information about HI mandate and projects in relevantstakeholder and bilateral meetings with the aim to build cooperative work relations and to develop professional networks;
  • Facilitate timely registration and adherence with Somali administrative regulations of HI Office inarea of operation;
  • Participate actively in the different coordination forums (sector coordination meeting, cluster meetings, working groups) to support the effective and efficient implementation;
  • Support and facilitate donors and media meetings upon request; and
  • Collect, analyse and disseminate relevant information, outcomes of meetings and documents to relevant team members, pro-actively.

MONitoring of humanitarian context

You ensure a regular monitoring of legal and humanitarian context, to ensure smooth implementation and recommend necessary adaptation of HI programming, via:

  • Regular documentation and observation of the evolution of the legal, operational and policy context of humanitarian interventions;
  • Monitoring the humanitarian situation, changes and impact on the situation of internationally displaced population and host community through professional networks and social, radio and print media in Mogadishu and Banaadir region;
  • Sharing regularly analysis and outcomes of the monitoring with the country team, and pro-actively communicate about upcoming changes in local and national legislations and regulations affecting HI operations.


You support HI’scollective security and risk management of its project activity and presence in Mogadishu and wider Banaadir region, by:

  • Contributing to establish a work culture that ensures collection security management;
  • Facilitating regular exchanges on the political, security and socio-economic operational environment within HI team;
  • Establishing and maintaining regular and trustful communication with different external key actors, including other security officers and advisors;
  • Collecting, analysing and sharingrelevant, quality and objectivesecurity relevant information regularly and pro-activelyto HIcountry manager and team;
  • Preparing regular monitoring of security indicators;
  • Facilitating briefing, and learning sessions to the HI team to enhance security awareness and ensure good understanding and familiarity with HI security operating procedures among HI staff;
  • Ensuring that all HI staff have access to HI security policy, procedures and processes;
  • Reporting any evolving risks and/or security incidents within HI operations pro-actively to relevant staff;
  • Advise HI country team for safe operationsand risk mitigation in HI project operations and office management; and
  • Writing security incident reports.


You support the Country Manager to ensure a smooth and effective team work and ensure team members have access to relevant information by providing team leadership in:

  • Taking minutes of meeting and sharing with relevant team members;
  • Facilitating internal team meetingsin Mogadishu regularly and when required and initiating and organizing regular team meetings with other HI teams;
  • Nourishing a culture of open and trustful communication; and
  • Supporting quality and open communication channels by sharing pro-active information with other HI teams and Country Manager.


You ensure a work environmentand work style in external meetings that lives HI’s values and professional ethics, via:

  • Adheringand promoting in the team HI’s professional ethics,and communicating HI’s mandate;
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of and respect HI’s protection of children policy and protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse policy in its operations;
  • Supporting the application ofhumanitarian principles for guiding operations;
  • Presenting the mandate, strategy and current operational mission.


  • Start: ASAP
  • Duration: 9months with possibility for extension
  • Travel: with possible travel inside Somalia


  • Master degree in a relevant field (law, political sciences, humanitarian and project management, logistics, social science, development studies, business administration,or other relevant fields…);
  • 5 years of professional experience in operation and security management as well as representation towards authorities, with a focus onMogadishu and Banaadir region;
  • Proven ability to develop reliable and trustful work relationship with humanitarian partners, including authorities and local leaders;
  • High sense of responsibility, conflict sensitivityand risk mitigation;
  • Previous experience in an humanitarian NGO, UN and commitment to humanitarian principles;
  • Familiarity with participatory processes, work with persons with disabilities and disability inclusive accountability mechanisms is an asset;
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Somali;
  • Excellent oral, interpersonal, diplomatic and communication skills;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Ability to work under high pressure;
  • Familiarity with work that is supporting the inclusion of marginalized groups from a rights based perspective in humanitarian action;
  • Good skills in information management;
  • Knowledge of MS Office and other relevant programs.

Condition of application:

If you feel you are the right candidate for this position, kindly send your application along with an up-to-date CV + a cover letter (including 3 referees with their current official contacts) by email to:


  • The email subject line should be marked: “Application for Liaison and Security Officer”
  • Please, do not send your academic and other testimonials. They will be requested at a later stage. 

If one of the mandatory topics above isn’t respected, the candidate cannot be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates with the above qualifications and skills will be contacted.


HI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Women and Persons with Disabilitiesare encouraged to apply!