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Human Rights Consultant

Posted: 11 June 2019
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25 June 2019 Consultancy Mogadishu, Somalia Full Time Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development
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Federal Government of Somalia

Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development

Title: Human Rights Consultant

Duration: (6 Months) with possible extension

Duty Station: Mogadishu

Date of issue: 10/06/2019

Deadline for application 25/06/2019

Reports to: Director General

Background Somalia Human Rights Joint Programme

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MoWHRD) heads the FGShuman rights mandate and coordinates with other ministries and the relevant Federal Member States on policy setting and implementation of human rights programmes. The Ministry is mandated to ensure compliance with and the protection and promotion of human rights in Somalia. The ministry led the FGS’s participation in the 2015-16 Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process and now the implementation of its outcome report following the conclusion of the UPR process in June 2016. The recommendations adopted in June 2016 include the need to establish an independent human rights commission; and implementation of a human rights roadmap Action Plan, which contains activities aimed at actualizing implementation of the UPR recommendations. These have formed key priorities of the Federal Government in the area of human rights protection. Implementation of the           Human Rights Roadmap Action Plan priorities, including mainstreaming of human rights in national policies and legislation, capacity building, awareness creation and training through sustained support to the Federal Government, particularly the Ministry of Women and Human Rights.

In order to deliver on its mandate, the Ministry developed its first ever Human Rights Joint Programmein Somalia with the support of UNSOM, UNDP and UNICEF. The Joint Programme aims to strengthen the human rights protection and promotion framework through the implementation of Somalia’s commitments on human rights and the NDP priorities, the Universal Periodic Review and the HRRM, the Action Plan on CAAC, ensuring that human rights are central to Somalia’s security architecture.

Description of the position

The Ministry of Women and Human Rights is seeking to engagea qualified  human rights lawyer  to support in the implementation of the activities of theSomalia Human Rights Joint Programme; to advise in the capacity building work of the FGS relevant line ministries; to assist indevelopment of legislation, policies and measures pertaining to human rights; and to provide training and guidance for civil servants from the relevant line institutions on human rights mainstreaming into the laws and policies of the government.

The expert will support the MoWHRD in the different priority areas that the ministry is currently implementing under the JP. The duration of the post will be 6 months, but may be renewed subject to the performance of the expert and availability of funds. The position will be reporting to the Director General of the MoWHRD.

Objectives of Assignment:

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide advisory service to the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development to develop and reviewlegislation, policies, research and preparing policy papers and facilitate trainings to civil servants of the relevant ministries/institutions. The expert will ensure that the functions outlined below, and the scope of work are satisfactorily carried out.

Functions/Scope of work will include

  • Advise the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development on policies, legislation and research issues pertaining tohuman rights;
  • Provide capacity building training and guidance to staff at the MoWHRD and relevant line ministries/institutions;
  • Work with and support the MoWHRD throughout the policy making process to ensure effective implementation of the MoWHRD mandate, including effective consultations with othergovernment institutions and civil society;
  • Support the MoWHRDon research, policy review on legislative bills and help prepare comparative analysis and reports for the ministry in line with international human rights principles and the Somali Provisional Constitution;
  • Work with the MoWHRD to review legislation to ensure compliance with international human rights principles and standards;
  • Provide monthly and quarterly reports on all work for the MoWHRD, to ensure that an archive of knowledge is developed to strengthen institutional memory;
  • Co-facilitate trainings and workshops with other (inter)national experts as required for the activities under the Joint Program;
  • Submit a written monthly report on deliverables including updates on the agenda and programs of the MoWHRD;
  • Undertake other relevant work as required by the MoWHRD.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables

Below are the expected deliverables/outputs for the technical expert to the MoWHRD for a period of 6 (six) months, with a possibility of renewal:

Deliverables/ Outputs
Action plan with detailed timetable on the technical expert assistance to the MoWHRD
Capacity Building training for the MoWHRD
Support given to the MoWHRD to implementits roles and responsibilities under the Joint Program
Technical assistance given to the MoWHRD to formulate policies and procedures (standards, guiding principles, compliance with the government procedures, decision making processes, transparency and accountability)
Desk review conducted and support to policy development and legislation amendments
Focused legal research, analysis of legislations/policies conducted, and reports prepared
Government staff trained to undertake development of policies that are in line with human rights principles and development of briefing papers on human rights in their technical areas
Legal opinion given to the MoWHRD on matters pertaining to human rights and reports prepared
MoWHRD supported during consultations with relevant stakeholders on draft legislation/policies and report prepared
Prepare final report at end of consultancy assignment

 Reports to be provided:

  • Monthly narrative report for completed activities
  • Training and workshop reports.
  • Final report.

Duration of the Work

The contract is for six (6) months from 01July – 31December 2019.

Duty Station

Duty station of the technical expert will be at the Ministry of Women and Human Rights office in Mogadishu, with travel expected to Federal Members States and other countries as required by the MoWHRD in the execution of its mandate.

Qualifications and Experience.

  • Advanced university degree in law (LL.M. degree), with at least eight (8) years of relevant experience, preferably with government and international bodies and very good understanding of functions and procedures of government institutions.
  • Experience in reviewing and drafting of legislation/policies in the human rights field.
  • Familiarity with the laws and policies of Somalia and the Somali Provisional Constitution
  • Knowledge and experience in human rights laws and policies
  • Experience in post-conflict settings highly preferred
  • Ability to display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Proficiency in Somali and fluency English required

Core competencies

  • Strong knowledge of the field of expertise with good analytical skills and ability to solve problems
  • Ability to plan work and manage conflicting priorities
  • Have good communication skills, including the ability to liaise with technical staff and present information
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective partnership and working relationships with relevant government institutions and international partners

Gender mainstreaming

The Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.


All applications must include a 1-page cover letter, a 3-page max CV, copies of academic certificates and membership of recognized bar associationsas attachments and email and phone contacts of two referees. The application email is to be sent to: