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Posted: 9 July 2019
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
Posted: 9 July 2019
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

Finance Manager (one position)

Posted: 9 July 2019
Deadline Category Location Employment Experience Education Salary Employer
20 July 2019 Administration/Finance Mogadishu, Somalia Full Time Daryeel Bulsho Guud –DBG
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Job Advertisement

Position Title Finance Manager (one position)
Duration 12  months contract with possible extension depends on fund availability and performance
Expected Start Date ASAP
Duty Station Mogadishu –Support all DBG activities in Somalia
About DBG Daryeel Bulsho Guud –DBG (Community care for all) is a non-political and non-profitable humanitarian relief- and development local organization who works to save lives, promote self-reliance and dignity through human transformation going beyond relief and development. See us for more information about DBG
Reporting Line Executive Director
Opening period 9th July, 2019 to 20th July, 2019
Working Hours 8 hours per day for 5 days  per week
Daryeel Bulsho Guud -DBG (community care for all) DBG seeks dependable professionals with strong initiative, judgment and adaptability as well as excellent skills in leadership, communication, representation, interpersonal relations, decision-making, financial management, programme development, monitoring & evaluation and reporting.
Job Purpose and Role

Under the overall lead of the DBG Finance Department and reporting to the Executive Director, the Finance Manager will be responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the DBG, provide leadership in developing the tools to successfully administer DBG budget(s) and accounts and analyses financial performance to inform decision-making.

Primary Responsibilities (30%)

a) Coordinate all financial management, accounting and reporting aspects of the programs in line with DBG and donor requirements.

b) Prepare and consolidate budgets and budget amendments, financial plans, projections and cash requirements, cash flow and budget versus actuals reports, in accordance with donor and DBG requirements throughout project life.

c) Monitor and assess budget versus actual expenditure and recommend appropriate action on any significant variances

d) Ensure financial management systems and processes are effective, robust and efficient in protecting DBG assets and interests and recommend refinements as needed.

e) Participate in procurement committees for joint items and large DBG capital assets

a) Support DBG members and the donor project team in developing/reviewing budgets for new proposals.

b) Regularly participate in any DBG meetings to improve compliance and to address any financial issues

c) Ensure DBG partner agencies fund flow related processes and procedures are consistently implemented through the use of compliance checks and agreements.

d) To perform the partner risk assessments and performance management on periodic basis.

Financial Control (40%):

1) Provide financial accounting services for DBG, maintaining complete oversight of the general and subsidiary accounting ledgers.

a) The Finance Manger assumes overall responsibility for the general ledger for the Organisation including data integrity, completeness and accuracy of the financial information. The accountant takes charge of the accounting records of the organization including preparation financial reports for the combined entity and its individual branches as well as cost pool financial reports in consultation with budget holders and the Executive Director.

b) Ensure that all financial records and accounts are compiled on time, accurately and in line with international accounting standards and donor regulations.

c) Ensure that all financial records and accounts are compiled on time, accurately and in line with international accounting standards and donor regulations

d) Assists in developing and implementing new accounting techniques and systems or in modifying existing methods and procedures.

e) Ensure all finance procedures are consistent with organizational and donors standards.

f) Oversee and manage daily activities of accounting and finance functions including timely recording of transactions, cash management, banking, assets, receivables, and payables.

2) Provide accounting technical support to finance/accounting staff across the organization in both head office and field offices

a) Provide feedback and guidance on the preparation of accounting vouchers and supporting documents in a way that will pass audit scrutiny.

b) Be the first port of call for head office staff on accounting related queries.

3) Prepare draft financial statements and review and sharing with the Director of Operations, Senior Management, Board of Trustees and/or auditors.

a) Review the trial balances for each branch to ensure that completeness and accuracy of the numbers.

b) Ensure the monthly cutoff plans are communicated in advance with the team.

c) Reconcile the financial statements with the donor reports and obtain approval of the reconciliation statement from the Director of Operations.

d) Provide explanations for changes, variances in individual accounts and fund balances.

e) Prepare monthly management accounts with signed checklist supporting by balance sheet items schedules.

f) Ensured that the accounts are complete, accurate and readily available to internal users/internal/external auditors.

4) Review and/or approve financial transactions in accordance with delegated approval authority.

Prepare and/or review paper-based journal vouchers for correctness and completeness

b) Prepare/Review transactions captured in the financial management system to ensure that they are consistent with the laid down procedures.

c) Ensuring that they are complete and their effect on the financial statements is known and desired.

d) Ensure that established controls are sufficient in maintaining data integrity and

5) Prepare and/or review general and subsidiary ledger account reconciliations.

a) Review the reconciliation of bank accounts, vendor accounts and customer accounts

b) Prepare general ledger account reconciliations.

c) Reconcile the inter-branch account to ensure that all transactions have been identified and captured in the corresponding branch at the end of each month

d) Review cost pool reports to ensure that optimum cost recovery is achieved.

Financial Reporting (25%)

a) Consolidate financial reports, fund requests and budgets in a timely manner

b) Develop financial analysis tools to assist in the management and monitoring of budget and funding.

c) Finalize year-end accounts and provide any ad-hoc year reports that may be required

d) Maintain accounting records

e) Follow up and monitor timely implementation of the recommendations to remedy significant budget versus actual variances.

Capacity Building (5%)

a) Facilitate trainings and workshops on grants management, general accounting, internal controls and administrative systems

b) Ensure internal audit recommendations are implemented

c) Track lessons learned and share with members throughout projects implementation

d) Organize peer reviews amongst finance personnel and draw lessons learnt to improve financial oversight

e) Promote the rights, equality, role and empowerment of women, both within DBG and externally and support all other staff in doing likewise, Undertake any other duties as assigned.

Person Specification

1. Education/ Training

The position holder must possess a master degree in finance or accounting or professional accounting qualification, such as CPA, ACMA, CMA, ACA or equivalent professional qualification.

2. Work Experience


1) Six (6) years of financial management and accounting experience with a minimum of two (3) years in senior financial (and administration) management position with an international or local NGO in Somalia.

2) Demonstrated experience in developing and managing large budgets.

3) Experience working on projects funded by major international donors.

4) Strong coordination/negotiation skills specifically with the ability to effectively coordinate among other partner organizations

5) Proven ability to think and lead strategically, plan effectively, set priorities and meet deadlines.

6) Demonstrated knowledge of generally accepted international accounting principles, internal controls, auditing, and grant management.

7) Proven and substantive expertise in budgeting, donor reporting and auditing.

8) Experience in preparing excellent, coherent, well-organized financial and narrative reports.

9) Sound understanding of international humanitarian and development work.

10) Ability to represent a respected Organisation at a senior level.

11) Experience and strong understanding of security and operating environment in Somalia (or a similar conflict-affected context).

12) A minimum of 1-year recent experience working overseas in a conflict-affected country.


1) Experience working in Germany government or European Union funded projects.

2) Experience working with UK/USAID funded projects.

3. Working experience in Somalia.

Professional Skills, Competencies, Values and Attitudes

DBG seeks dependable professionals with strong initiative, judgment and adaptability as well as excellent skills in leadership, communication, representation, interpersonal relations, decision-making, financial management, programme development, monitoring & evaluation and reporting. Specifically, applicants for this position should also demonstrate the following: Essential:

1) Fluent inspeaking and written English.

2) A clear and firm commitment to the rights, equality, role and empowerment of women, minorities and persons with disabilities and ability to promote the same commitment in others.

3) Excellent conceptual and analytical skills able to distil key ideas with clarity and precision.

4) Excellent communication skills with the ability to persuasively present ideas.

5) Ability to lead and influence others with diplomacy and tact.

6) High-level proficiency in relevant enterprise-wide software packages and office applications, including spreadsheets, word processing, PowerPoint and Outlook.

7) Personal integrity with initiative and drive to get things done and achieve results in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

8) An outgoing and engaging personality, with cultural and gender sensitivity and a strong sense of humor; able to build trust, work and live collaboratively with others and manage relationships with a variety of stakeholders in a diverse multi-cultural environment.

9) Strong organizational and coordination skills, able to work with significant levels of autonomy, manage personal priorities and meet tight deadlines.

10) Business oriented with a commitment to build DBG’s agility and grow its reputation.

11) Flexible and dynamic with the ability to deal with difficult, often ambiguous and challenging situations and creatively solve problems.

12) Resilience to live, travel and work in isolated and possibly insecure locations.

13) Demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

14) Commitment to the vision and mission of DBG.

4. Apply now:

Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications with an updated CV to on or before 3:00 pm Saturday 20thJuly, 2019

The email subject line should read the title of the applied position, attach key and only most relevant certificates. DBG is an equal opportunity employer, female candidates are highly appreciated. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted

5. Other information


DBG’s core values are creativity, fairness and honesty. Our staff are passionate about and proud of their work. Teamwork is fundamental to our standards and is demonstrated by taking initiative, assisting others and taking on additional responsibilities / tasks if necessary. We are results driven, committed and motivated to achieve targets and take accountability for our own actions.