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Sacco Support Advisor-Somali Land

Posted: 29 August 2022
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30 September 2022 Project Management Awdal, Somaliland Full Time Action Relief Aid
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Advise MAs in making key strategic decisions during planning processing in general and particularly during planning workshop.

Support MAs to undertake strategy planning (long term & midterm) and annual planning processes. This require GMA to ensure MAs received all the necessary support in the different phases of the planning process pre-planning workshops, during planning workshop and post-planning workshop activities to ensure plans are received on time with all the quality requirements. It also includes supporting the MA to improve their planning process in terms of quality inputs, process and output.
During strategy and annual planning processes, ensure that MAs remain aligned to the strategic direction and standards of the federation. This required guidance on the content and intent of strategy, policy, quality standards and guidelines of the federation.
Support the CVI Representative and MAs in the planning dialogue with PSA (e.g. preparing dialogue sheets and providing key inputs for the dialogue)
Ensure the link between planning and budgeting.
Support the linking of needs and funds by providing the necessary content information
Support the management of PSA portfolios by providing the necessary content information
Coordinate the IOR functional support to the MA during the planning process.
Monitoring, Reviewing and Evaluation

Periodically and/or up on need, gathering and analysing information/data from various sources on different key strategic areas (KSA) and key operational areas (KOA) and based on key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide the CVI rep with management reports on progress and challenge and thus informs decision making and steering at regional and MA levels. This will in turn helps to ensure MAs strategic alignment, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. This will also include advice in cooperation with functions on measures to be taken in case of deviations and/or underperformance.
Support MAs’ strategic monitoring, reviewing and evaluation process in close collaboration with the MAs Planning & Reviewing Coordinators/M&E Coordinators.
Coordinate the IOR’s support and follow up on the fulfilment of the international and regional actions. Assist in monitoring and reporting on progress of Sustainable Path strategy (through SPIF monitoring & reporting tool).
Have an overview of external financial audit of MAs; and reviewing internal organizational audits of MAs and follow up on the development and implementation of action plan to close gaps.
Monitor MA data and general performance indicators across all the functions.
Method of Application:

Candidates are required to apply online by email to: on or before 15th September 2022