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Category: Business Services
Location: Somalia
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Nagu Saabsan

Onehubshop waa saylad ku salaysan ka ganacsiga internetka, waxay ka hawlgasha guud ahaan dunida, gaarahaan waxay xafiisyo kuleedahay wadamada kala ah Somaliya, jabuuti, Kenya, dubai, sweden, spain, america iyo uganda. 

Waxay onehubshop u sahalaysa macaamiisheeda inay iyagoo guryahooda, ama xafiisyadooda jooga ka dukaamaysan karan aduunkoo idil,sidoo kaleto waxay fududaynaysa in macaamiishu baahidooda ka helan hal goob oo ah Onehubshop, sidoo kaleto macaamisha ku xiran sayladan ganacsi waxay awoodi karan inay iyagu wax ku iibiyan sayladan ama ay ka iibsadan. 

Sidoo kale waxay sayladan ganacsi fududaynaysa  isku xirto ganacsatada iyo macaamiishooda, meelkasta oo ay dunida ka joogan, iyadoo sitoos ah ganacsatadu alaabtooda noocay doonto ha ahaatee kuxayaysiisanaya ama soo galinaya sayladan ganacsi. Dukaamada, ganacsatada ama cidkastoo sayladan ku ganacsanaysa waxay awoodan inay ku iibiyaan badeecadahooda kala gadisan iyagoo si toos ah ugu xirmaya macaamiishoda jooga dunida dacaladeeda. 

Waxay Onehubshop soo dhawaynaysa cid walba oo ku ganacsanaysa sayladan iyagoo tixgalinaya shuruudaha ay leedahay onehubshop. Fadlan booqo bogayaga la iska diiwan galiyo adoo raacaya qaabka diiwaan gelinta. 

Category: Business Services
Location: Hargiesa Somalia
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About us

SAAP Group is a Somalia based company which carries on the business of importing and trading in household goods & merchandise of every kind and all other articles including home necessities and appliances. Being a legally registered company by the Ministry of Trade as per the Somaliland Trade law, SAAB GROUP (SG) started its operation in 2013 by a group of originators that have many years of experience for business dealings in Middle East Region, and Far East Asian Countries.


SAAB GROUP a successful trading house with extensive experience acquired over the years is supplemented by reliable supply sources and trustworthy customer base to meet the challenge of the current business contests. SG has now entered into a diverse array of activities in addition to the conventional import-export trade. Quality products at competitive prices, backed up by exceptional customer service



Category: Consultancy
Location: Mogadishu Somalia
Web Site:

Best Consultancy was founded in 2014, Somali’s consulting practice, and started with an
experts with different experiences. Our core values of teamwork and real partnership have since
guided our growth strategy as we built country practices led by seasoned executives, established
affiliate relationships, and acquired “best-in-class” consulting firms. As one of the management
consultancies in Somalia 
Best Consultancy has continued to ignite workplace performance by empowering people to
transform their organizations through training in management and leadership development
courses. The courses target to empower senior and middle-level managers, organizational team
leaders, supervisors and employees in order for them to deliver better value to their
organizations. We have a wide range of management and leadership development training
programmes and conferences to cater for varying needs of your organization. 
Over the years, we have built a reputation founded on our ability to develop unique and fresh,
creative solutions that bring real, value benefits to clients we interact with. Client focus tops the
list of our values. We believe in understanding our client’s needs and consequently react by
assembling a competent team with a wealth of experience. All our programs are delivered by a
core team of professionals in a unique spirit of honesty 
Our courses are designed to bridge the skill-knowledge gaps and are practical enough such that
what is learned can immediately be transferred to the workplace. The programs are delivered
through in-house arrangements or selected open programs which enable your staff to interact
network and benchmark with employees from other organizations. 
Prior to each training, specific training needs and gaps are determined through a Training Needs
Assessment. All our programmes are demand driven and always tailored to the needs of our
valued clients. Training Programmes can be customized and tailored to specifications at very
competitive rates upon request. These workshops enhance competence and skills to give
employees a cutting edge in modern and competitive business environment