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Posted: 9 September 2021

Invitation to bid for Procurement of Restocking to 50 Pastoral dropout families (HHs)

Posted: 9 September 2021
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18 September 2021 Procurement & Logistics Contracts & Consultant Islamic Relief
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Procurement of Restocking to 50 Pastoral dropout families (HHs).

Islamic Relief Somalia/Somaliland is an International humanitarian organization that has been working in Somaliland since 2006. We are committed to achieving our core vision of caring for the people in all countries where we work. Our goal is to provide vulnerable communities in Somalia with access to basic needs including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education, Basic Health services and Livelihood Support.

Islamic Relief Currently implementing a relief and recovery project targeting drought affected people in SALAHLEY district and surrounding villages. The project will target 300 pastoral individuals (50 households of pastoral dropouts) and 2400 poor households through restocking and cash programming to build their livelihood assets and to increase their food security. It aims to build their assets and recovery from the impact of recurrent droughts and desert locust infestation. The project will distribute productive health livestock through (restocking). This will improve household income by increasing their livelihood income sources, enhance resilience and recovery of communities. The project objective is to mitigate food insecurity and improve resilience in the target region of Maroodijeh specifically Salahley district. In this regard The project will distribute 700 productive health livestock (which each household will receive 13 productive health goats and one health billy goat) to 50 households of pastoral dropout to regain their original livelihood status in 5 villages under Salahley district of Maroodijeh region which are (Adan-Abokar, Dhimbriyaale, Bali-ciise and Bali-case,ina guuxaa villages of Maroodijeh region). Islamic Relief Somaliland office Invites a sound capacity bidders for supply/procure 700 productive livestock goats to delivery above mentioned villages as detailed below table.

Islamic Relief Somaliland invites bids for the provision of the following services:

No Description Unit/form Quantity Location
1 Distribution of productive health livestock (13 productive health female goats and one Health male Billy goat with age of 1.5-2 yrs old for female animals and 2- 2.5 yrs for male animals (13 riyaad iyo Hal orgi) to 150 households of pastoral dropout living in Adan-Abokar, Dhimbriyaale, Bali-ciise and Bali-case, ina guuxaa villages of Maroodijeh region PC 700 Adan Abokor, Dhimbriyaale, Bali-ciise, Bali-case, ina guuxaa villages of Marodi jeeh Region
2 Transportation, loading/off-loading and Security of Livestock to the above-mentioned target Villages in Salahley district of Maroodijeh region Lump sum 01  

The Tender Documents are available for collection from Islamic Relief Somaliland Hargiesa Office in Contact Address: Hargeisa office, behind maansoor hotel, opposite Masjid jaabur-

All interested and eligible Contractors/suppliers with sound capacity and relevant experience in similar work are here by invited to collect tender documents from Islamic Relief Hargeisa Office.

The deadline for submitting bids is 18/09/2021 at 5:00 pm and any tender or documents received later than 18/09/2021 at 5:00 pm will not be accepted. The sealed envelopes should be dropped at TENDER BOX in Islamic Relief Hargeisa Office I/Koodbuur District, JigJig Yar, North of Maansoor Hotel, Hargeisa,

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